The purpose of this page is to hopefully answer some of the more common questions that you may have regarding the web store or any of our other services.

The Web Store

Do you run the web store for us?

We manage the technical side of the store including keeping the site running, backups, replication, product feeds and provide support. We also keep the front page up to date with product promotions and featured products as provided by Beta.

We do not run your business, so what you say, how you say it and the prices of your products are all down to you and will ultimately dictate the success of your web store and on-line business.

Can I set prices for different customers?

Yes. You do this by first creating Customer Groups under Sales>Customers and then assigning Customers to those Groups. This could be as simple as Bronze, Silver and Gold for instance. Then edit the product you wish to have pricing, go to the Discount tab and Add Discount. Select the Group to which this price is going to apply and the quantity that must be ordered to achieve this price. Although it says Discount, this is the price to be paid, ex VAT, which could be a higher price if you wish. The priority in relation to other discounts/prices and the date range the price is applicable. The system can only identify the customer if they are logged in so only then will they see the prices applicable to them.


Can I add my own products?

Yes you can but you will first need to buy the add-on module The Multi-Supplier module for a one-off £55. You can have as many products as you like with no extra charge, this cost just helps cover the original cost of the module. You then add a product and associate it to that supplier. Say you get an order for two products with different suppliers, Supplier A is notified by email to ship their product and supplier B notified to ship their product by email too.

Can I import products from a different supplier?

This is possible but this is something that we would need to configure behind the scenes. Providing that the supplier can format the import file according to our requirements there will be no charge. If additional information is to be imported then a charge may be applicable to cover our development costs. See the Product Feed topic for more information.

Can I set my own prices for a product?

You can use the Price Uplift Management tool to set prices that remain in line with the cost prices. You can also set a fixed price that is not tied to the cost price by editing the product, changing the price on the data tab to whatever you want. Remember to set the ‘do nightly price updates’ to No otherwise it will be overwritten again.


What are categories?

Categories help organise products.

Can a product exist in more than one category?

Yes. It is a one to many relationship so one product can appear in many categories. Just edit the product, select the Links tab and select the additional categories.

Can I move categories elsewhere on the menu?

Yes you can. The category is created in its original position in accordance with the original Beta feed. Once it exists it can be moved and the associated products will still display within it.

Can I add my own categories?

Yes you can. This would allow you to re-organise products into additional categories and to organise new products which you may be adding.

Special Offers

Can I do special offers?

Yes. Simply edit the product, click on Special and add a special price. You can specify to which customer group the offer applies to, the price  and the date range the offer is to apply to. The offer will automatically expire after the end date.