If you have any questions regarding the dealer web store, hopefully they’ll be answered here, if not, please contact us and we’ll answer any question directly.

How long is the contract period?

The initial contract period is 30 days.

We ask for payment in advance and direct debit is preferred.

You can then cancel at any time by giving just one months notice.

How much do the packaged web stores cost?

The Perfect Green web store is just £70 per month.

The Beta web store is just £139 per month, including the automatic feed, Etilize product information and images, etc and this includes the entire technology catalogue.

If you wish to sell all of the stationery lines as well as the technology catalogue, this will bring the price to £169 per month due to the sheer number of products taking this into the next pricing bracket.

The web stores will benefit from all of the features, services and support that help make this a unique solution.

Can I sell my own products in the web store?

The Beta Web Store is intended to be an automated solution so that all orders are despatched by Beta without you needing to get involved with the day to day running of the site.

The optional multi-supplier module that enables you to add additional suppliers, be it Spicers, VOW, Integra or any other distributor that can supply a product feed in CSV format by FTP.

The multi-supplier module is a one-off £55 with no limit or restriction, you can have as many suppliers as you like.

In addition, there is the category translation module that enables you to map one suppliers categories to another and this is a one-off £35.

Do all shops cost the same?

To price the web store as fairly as possible the shop is priced according to how many products you’re selling.

Up to 100 products: £45 per month
Up to 200 products: £55 per month
Up to 350 products: £70 per month
Up to 500 products: £80 per month
Up to 1,000 products: £95 per month
Up to 10,000 products : £139 per month
Up to 20,000 products: £169 per month
Up to 30,000 products: £199 per month
30,000 + priced according to requirements

Can the web store be customised to my requirements?

Yes it can.

As part of your free set-up, we will apply one of the standard themes and customise the colours to match your branding. We also enable or disable your required features and can move things around for you.

If you wanted further customisation, we will happily do this for you although this is likely to be chargeable dependent on how much work was involved, such as bespoke theme development, customised functionality, new features etc. The best thing is to contact us and discuss your requirements.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate gives peace-of-mind and assurance to the customer that their transaction is safe and secure on the internet, therefore it is highly recommended.

Do I need to do my own product imports?

An initial product import is done for you based on the pricing that you want to offer.

Subsequent product imports are then done for you at regular intervals and will update the stock and price (if applicable).

You can manage your own imports if you wish, we’re very flexible.

All prices correct at time of publication,  E&OE