Webstores for Franchisors

If you are a franchisor and you are looking for an ecommerce webstore solution to help your franchisees sell your products online, then you're in the right place.

We'll set-up your franchisees webstore, with their branding and company information thereby creating their own ecommerce selling platform which is fully managed and supported by us.

We can take your product feed, process it and populate your dealers ecommerce webstore with the products they want to sell at the prices they want to sell at, efficiently, simply and accurately.

Our webstore solution is laden with features to help the dealer make a success of their online business, and, with the management and support from Buzz Solutions, we'll help them every step of the way.

We are completely flexible in the way that we work and we are able to provide the right solution for you, which includes:

Franchisor and franchisee webstore with product feed

The Right Solution for your Franchise Business

Your Webstore for Your Franchisees

We can provide the webstore as a 'white label' service, working behind the scenes to support you as you support your franchise customers.

Outsourced Webstore Provider

Again, we can provide the webstore as a 'white label' service, instead we can support your franchise customers directly as your outsourced support department and webstore service provider.

Associate Webstore Provider

By introducing your franchise cusotmers to us, we can look after them with no involvement from you, yet you will have the peace of mind that your dealers are being looked after and supported to help sell your products as efficiently as possible.

A Financially Flexible Arrangement

As our webstore solution is hosted, managed, supplied and operated by us, there is no cost to you. It is zero-cost solution to help your franchisees sell your products. There are however a number of ways that the service can be offered to your franchise customers.

Profit Making Webstore

Adding value to your business as service that you can make money from.

Subsidised Webstore

You pay for your franchise customers to have a webstore as an incentive to get them online and selling your products to a much wider online audience.

No Hassle Webstore

We'll liaise directly with your franchise customers on all aspects, including billing so that you don't have to, thereby providing you with a zero cost, zero hassle solution.

To discuss a webstore solution for your franchise customers, please get in touch.