Recommended Payment Provider

There are many payment providers in the market but the main ones we tend to use are PayPal, WorldPay and SagePay.

WorldPay and SagePay require separate merchant accounts with your bank but these can take weeks to get setup. Plus you end up paying both the bank and the payment provider a portion of the transaction.

By far the easiest payment provider to use is PayPal.

You can sign up really easily and quickly and is very flexible, allowing customers to pay either with a PayPal account or using Credit or Debit card.

Setting up PayPal

  • Click this link to open PayPal in a separate window
  • Click on Sign Up Today.
  • Click Get Started underneath PayPal for your Business
  • Enter your Business Details and then click on Continue
  • Enter an Email Address to be associated to your account, i.e.
  • Complete the rest of the form with security questions and click Agree and Continue

And that’s it, you now have a PayPal business account.

We will need the email address you used above to link to your web store but you are now ready to receive payments.

Linking your Business Account

To get your payments from PayPal to your business account you will need to associate your account.

You should see a Get Verified link next to your Status on the Overview page.

Click this link and then work your wait through the verification procedure.

Alternatively you can add a bank account by doing this:

  • Click on Profile, select My Money
  • Click on Add Bank
  • Enter your Bank Account details and click Add Bank Account

Within a day or two, PayPal will make two small credits to your bank account. This is to verify that it is your account and you will need to confirm the amounts to PayPal. Once verified your bank account is linked and you can transfer money from PayPal direct to your bank account at no charge.

You will also need to complete a direct debit agreement. This won’t be used with the web store but it is part of the PayPal setup. The benefit being that if you do intend to use your PayPal account to make payments in the future you can do so. Paying either from your PayPal balance or direct from your bank account. This extra flexibility is a bonus.

PayPal Standard or PayPal Pro?

PayPal Standard or Website Payments Standard is the simplest way to take a payment online and by default this is the account that you have.

A customer of the web store will check out and then be transferred to the secure PayPal site to process their payment. They can use their PayPal account or credit or debit card as they wish. Once finished they will be returned to your  web store.

With PayPal Pro the customer enters their credit card details on the web store itself and the connection to PayPal happens behind the scenes.

The advantage is that its a seamless process making the transaction on the web store.

PayPal Pro costs £20 a month (at the time of writing) and you will need an SSL certificate which we can supply.

Initially we’d suggest that you go with PayPal Standard and upgrade later when the web store takes off.