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The Order Process

Guest Customers
Registered Customers
Account Customers

Store Administration

Product Catalogue

Optional Modules and Features

The Order Process

Its quick and simple to buy products from the Perfect Green Webstore.

  • Your customer finds their product and adds it to the basket
  • Once all their products are in their basket they can checkout
  • They continue as a Guest or Register an account
  • They confirm their billing and delivery information
  • They choose the appropriate shipping option
  • They choose the payment method
  • The order is complete

The customer is notified of their order by email and registered customers and see their order history and much more.

If Beta Distribution are shipping for you, they will also receive a copy of the email advising them to dispatch according to the shipping terms to the address specified.

You don’t need to do anything other than update the status of the order and generate an invoice.

Guest Customers

A customer can checkout without registering their details.

If you prefer, we can set it so that all customers must register.

Registered Customers

If a customer registers, they get access to their ‘My Account’ page which provides access to:

  • Access their Order History
  • Saved Shopping Basket (They can come back later and continue shopping)
  • Update billing address
  • Update multiple shipping addresses
  • Change their password
  • Save a wishlist of products
  • Process returns
  • Subscribe to newsletter

If a customer is registered you have more control over them such as the ability to send email, send a newsletter and organise your customers into groups, including Account Customers. You can also add discounts to certain groups, particular shipping or payment options.

Account Customers

If a customer has a credit account they can check out using the On Account payment option so that you can invoice them according to their credit agreement.

 Store Administration

The store has an easy to use administration area that organises all of the required tools to help you manage your online business.


The dashboard provides an informative view of the order totals, including visual statistics and links to the most recent orders.

Click on View next to an order to see the details of the order, produce an invoice and update the status of the order.

A typical order process

When an order is placed you will be notified by email.

If Beta Distribution are shipping for you they will also be automatically notified by email when an order is placed.

If you wish, you can view the order and then update the history to say that the order is now ‘Processing’, you can also tick the box and write a note which will be emailed to the customer ‘Dear Customer, we are now preparing your order, we’ll be in touch soon’.

Beta will notify you when the order has been despatched. You can then update the order once again to set the status to ‘Shipped’ and write another note ‘Dear Customer, your order has now been despatched’.

The process is so simple.

Product Catalogue

As the Perfect Green web store is configured for you ‘out of the box’ we would suggest that you don’t make changes in this area.

An initial import will be carried out with the pricing that you require.

Subsequent imports are carried out nightly to update the stock quantities.

You can update the prices individually if you wish as the prices will not be affected by the stock update.

Information and Homepage

Although the content has been added for you, this is your shop and we positively encourage the updating of the content of the pages to make it your own.

This is important for SEO and also individuality to ensure that you are targeting your audience.


Orders can be processed here. Simply select the order and update it to reflect its current status.

If a return has been requested online, it can be managed from here to ensure it is dealt with smoothly.

Customers can be organised into groups, you can have as many groups as you like so that you can manage them effectively, including On Account customers.

If you would like to create special offers such as free shipping, 10% off, etc, you can with Coupons.

If you would like to use Gift Vouchers you can create them here.

Mail is a simple to use communicate tool to send email to your customers or groups of customers.


This area allows you to perform imports and exports to move your data between other systems and update the banners.

Banners are the images that appear on the front page of the site. You can add or replace these with your own images to provide an effective way to get information right in front of your customers. Each banner can link off to a specific page such as a product or category.

Order Export will enable you to export all orders to a CSV file. Very useful if you would like to update a back-end system or produce charts within Excel.

Customer Import / Export – Import customers to the Webstore, useful if you already have a list of account customers in a back-end system. You can also export via CSV if you want to update your back-end system with newly registered customers.

Product Import – Import products from a CSV file. Product Imports are typically carried out on your behalf, initially to set pricing and then nightly to set stock. If you wish you can control this yourself. You can make individual changes to product prices through catalogue/products, these changes will not be overridden.


This area provides simple reports that allows you to quickly and simply review figures and totals with the following reports:

Sales Reports – A Variety of Sales Reports

Orders  – Shows the total of orders between a date range by order status

VAT – Shows the total VAT between a date range by order status

Shipping – Shows the shipping charges between a date range by order status

Returns – Shows the returns between a date range by order status

Coupons – Shows the coupons used between a date range by order status

Products – Product Reports

Products Viewed – Shows all products viewed by number of views and percentage, great to see which products are most popular

Products Purchases – Shows the products which have been purchases including quantity and total price

 Customers – Customer Reports

Orders – Shows all customers that have placed orders with totals between date range by orders status

Optional Modules and Features

There are optional modules and features that can be enabled if you wish.

  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • Rewards – So that customers can earn reward points on products
  • Customer Reviews – So that customers can post product reviews
  • Product Questions and Answers – So that customers can ask questions about products and answers appear next to those products
  • General Questions Page – To allow customers to ask general questions about the business/service (effectively an FAQ builder)
  • FAQ Page – Allows the dealer to build their own FAQ page with questions and answers that they add themselves
  • Affiliates – Allows others to sell products via their website to earn commission from each sale

If you have any questions, or would like to see other features that aren’t mentioned here then please contact us.